About Us and The Eczema Relief Store

Both the owners of the Eczema Relief Store had young children with severe eczema. The Eczema Relief Store was born in 2012 from determination to find safe and effective ways to treat children's eczema without being dependent on topical steroids and oral antibiotics. We have since then expanded our line to include older children and adult sizes.

The Eczema Relief Store manufactures the Wrap-E-Soothe clothing line for the treatment of eczema through wet and dry wrapping. They are made in the U.S.A. at a quality manufacturer and we are proud to pay more for manufacturing to help the U.S. American workers. We have also added skin care and bath products to compliment our eczema clothing line and help individuals overcome the suffering associated with eczema without drugs with side effects. We only sell products that we have used on ourselves and our children and are proven to work and are extremely safe.

Our Wrap-E-Soothe eczema clothing are the only ones manufactured and sold in the U.S. that are dye, zinc and metal free. They are made from 94% tencel and 6% spandex. Our sincere hope is that we help you overcome the suffering associated with eczema.

Best to you,

Beth Scott and Anne Fairchild McVey




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