Emily Skin Soothing Soap: Simple, Yet Healing and Soothing

Emily Skin Soothing Soap for Eczema and Skin Conditions

This bar of soap contains Chinese Herbs to soothe eczema and skin aliments

            For many who live with a skin condition, searching for the right type of soap can be a rigorous process. Many mainstream brands of soap tend to contain chemicals and materials that irritate the skin, resulting in a rather rough start to your day. From there, begins the routine of scanning the tiny list of ingredients on the back of each skincare product, just in case it might contain something that’ll result in flare-ups. At this point, there’s a good chance you’ve gone through too many types and brands of soap to even keep track of, and it’s enough to make you get a little existential about the concept of skincare. “Why even bother if I can’t find anything that completely works for me?” is something you might have already said to yourself.

            One option, if you suffer from itchy skin, eczema or psoriasis, you might want to consider is ordering a bar of Emily Skin Soothing Soap. This handcrafted 4 oz. bar of soap is intended specifically for those who suffer from ailments that dry out skin and leave it an itchy, splotchy shell of its former self. Fueled predominantly by a set of herbs picked in China, Emily Skin Soothing Soap contains a simple set of ingredients: avocado, saponified olive, coconut oils and shea butter. That’s all there is to it. No added colors or fragrances. Just a straightforward palette of materials packaged into a solid block of handmade, unscented soap. If anything, it’s more simplified now that it once was, as the team at Emily removed palm oil a little over four years ago, as it was found to dry the skin of certain users after a period of time and has also been linked to a variety of ugly industry practices that have led to deforestation, animal cruelty and habitat degradation.

So, if you’re still hunting for something to finally give your skin the salvation it deserves, here’s something to consider as you continue your search! Try it now at The Eczema Relief Store.

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