Trouble sleeping with eczema? We have the answer.

Do harsh eczema symptoms keep you awake at night? Are you dedicated to eczema treatments but still wake up with irritation? You are not alone. Nighttime can be the most troublesome time for eczema sufferers. Upgrading your sheets to TENCEL may be the answer, and your eczema will thank you over and over again. 

Did you know adults spend approximately 33% of our day in bed? Infants and children, up to 50%. Make this time valuable for your eczema. Don't settle for anything other than zinc and dye free TENCEL® made in the U.S. only by AD RescueWear. Others are sprayed with metals that can irritate already inflamed eczema. Now is the perfect time to cuddle up worry and guilt-free with silky soft and naturally pure WOVEN 100% TENCEL sheets. 

Available from the Eczema Relief Store in twin, queen, and king sizes.

What is TENCEL®?

The holy grail of fabric, TENCEL® is made from eucalyptus pulp in a closed-loop manufacturing system and recycles almost 100% of its materials in the process. 

  • TENCEL® fabric absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton
  • TENCEL® fabric does not allow BAD bacteria to multiply wildly, conserving the skin and providing a healthy surface for eczema to heal.
  • It has moisture wicking properties that feels cool and can stop the itch.
  • TENCEL® fabric is an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric that is the most effective fabric on the planet for itch reduction. 
  • The fabric is thermo-regulating so they absorb sweat and wick it away from skin.
  • TENCEL® is durable and long-lasting , it is machine washable for continued use.

“These are the softest, smoothest sheets we've ever had. We have noticed a big difference already in my wife's comfort for her eczema. I'm really hoping they last long, but so far so good.” - Aaron (verified buyer)

Need more TENCEL®?

A wide variety of clothing, sleeves, and socks for ALL ages made with zinc and dye free TENCEL® can be found here. These items are made in the U.S. only by AD RescueWear.

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