Having an Eczema FREE Halloween

Happy Halloween! It is now the time of the year children can dress up and be whoever they want and score candy from the neighbors. Yay! The costumes and candy can be so exciting, but also troublesome for eczema sufferers and requires some extra creativity. Nonetheless, with a few adjustments you all will have a fantastic Halloween without any spooky flare-ups!

  1. The Halloween Costume

Costumes from the party store are not “Eczema-friendly”. They are oftentimes made with non-breathable material with chemicals and dyes that when rubbing against eczema is almost guaranteed to cause a flare. 

DIY - Do It Yourself. The likelihood of an eczema flare is far less when the costume is homemade and made up of eczema-safe clothing. Make sure to use eczema-safe clothing from the Eczema Relief Store. These garments are made of TENCEL® fabric, making them thermo-regulating so they absorb sweat and wick it away from skin. The material directly on top of eczema is the most important and always remember layers are best. Once Halloween is over you can use these eczema garments as pajamas, clothing or a base layer.

Don't settle for anything other than zinc and dye free TENCEL® made in the U.S. only by AD RescueWear. Others are made in 3rd world countries and sprayed with metals that can irritate already inflamed eczema.

Once you have the base layer, you are ready for the costume. Instead of an itchy princess or superhero costume, try a soft pajamas dress or outfit. Instead of kitten face paint, consider a kitten ear headband and a detachable tale. A pajama dress or outfit is a fun way to stay safe and still get dressed up. 

If your child is determined to wear the latest and greatest costume from the party store, wearing an eczema rescue suit underneath is a MUST. First, wash the costume at least twice with an eczema-safe detergent and lay flat to dry. Consider purchasing a larger size to promote breathability and comfort. An eczema suit or long sleeve tops and bottoms underneath the costume will protect your child’s skin from an itchy costume and further prevent itching and irritation.

For older children, there are many clothing options from tops, bottoms, socks, gloves, and more. Gloves are strongly recommended for trick-or-treating. All AD RescueWear clothing can be found here

  1. Trick or Treating

Cotton gloves, or TENCEL® gloves can be a fun addition to any costume while protecting your child’s hands from allergies or other unknown triggers. If trick-or-treating is on the agenda this year, pack an emergency allergy kit just in case. Also, consider carrying their sack of candy to decrease exposure.

  1. Halloween Parties

Coordinate with the party planner beforehand. Let them know of your child’s allergy. Volunteer to help or offer to bring a side dish you know your little one can enjoy without an allergic reaction or eczema flare. If you cannot be there, pack a snack bag or an eczema relief kit so they are prepared for anything. Our recent blog on the best items for an eczema relief kit can be found here

Please remember information on our blog is not designed or meant to replace a physician’s advice. Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions. Eczema Relief Store does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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